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  • I recently applied for an internship with. After 3 face to face interviews and 2 phone interviews, I was offered a paid internship position. During the interview I knew I had to sell my time management skills and solution provider abilities in order to secure the position. Being that I attend school full-time, I work part-time, and I am a full-time single mother, I wanted to ensure them that I could manage all three with no problem and still be an efficient worker and student in all of my positions. Thank you so much for helping me with my resume and interviewing skills. I have been to many interviews and this was the first one that I felt completely confident and strong with. I couldn’t have done it without your support.
    Danielle B.
  • I can not thank you enough for teaching me your systems to success. You have made a huge change in both my life and my sister’s as well. My sister applied for an assistant manager position. She was very nervous about her interview, and asked for my help. I told her you have to dress for success she went in business attire. I said they are going to ask you why should I hire you. I told her to simply reply with “You should hire me because; I am a solution provider a time management specialist and I am confident I will get the job done. With that sure enough they asked why should we move you up in this company, she told them what I told her to say, she showed them her time management plan and they asked how she is a solution provider and she said I always have a back up plan (and she showed them her USB). Thanks to your systems of Success she blew the interviewer away. The starting salary for assistant manger was $11.00 per hour but they offered her up $16.00. When she was done with her interview she texted me “nailed it.” Thank you for your time, and thank you for giving me the tools I need to better my life, just like my sister. You have made an impact on my life and many others as well.

    Katrina W.
  • I wanted to give you an update about my new job. I will be joining the company as a part-time Administrative Assistant. The reason I will be part time is because the firm is letting me complete my college career as well a work for them. My starting pay will be 30,000 a year. Upon my completion of college and receiving my college degree I will be offered a full time position making between 40-45,000 dollars a year. My new title will  Executive Assistant which is my ultimate career goal.

    Mary M.
  • Dear Professor Naylor I want to  simply say thank you for all the time and effort that you have given during this semester. You have shown me that if I would just slow down and have more patients with myself I can accomplish many things. Not only are you a great teacher but a good mentor as well who shows that you really do care about your students. I applaud you for your mini talents and is very grateful for having you as my professor. God put people and things in ourselves for a reason and I am so thankful that you were one of them keep up the good work.

    Lynette R.
  • Hey Professor,
    Just stopping in! Over the weekend I looked at my old resume. I really did not know how to write a resume!!!
    I honestly can say that your course has helped me tremendously! Making my resumes in your class has really gave me confidence. Even though I am nervous for the career fair tomorrow. I can honestly say I would have completely avoided the event if we never wrote that resume. Not only that! But your class has taught me so much more! Your lessons helped me get through my computer class. I still remember the first day of your class. As soon as you walked in I judged you immediately! I said to myself ” oh god! this guy is going to be tough”. However, as soon as you started to talk and make everyone laugh, my impression of you changed. I really do enjoy your class. I think if you taught basket weaving, the class would be full!! That’s how wonderful of a teacher you are! There aren’t many teachers that don’t value their job. Many teachers come to class just for a paycheck everyday. You go above in beyond to make sure we succeed as students. Even though you stressed me out about my resume, by kicking it back many times, I want to say thank you for that! Keep being an AWESOME professor! Briarcliffe has one of the best, and they NEED to know that.
    Sarah L.
  • Professor Naylor’s HU105 and SE101class have helped me land a job. He got me ready for the real world. Yes I was only 18 but I was ready to take on new things. I applied for a job and 2 weeks later I received a phone call. I went in for the interview the next day canceled everything I had that day and went for it. I gave it, my all and I did the best I could do on my interview. During my interview I was handed the job on the spot. I started in November 17, 2013 and in 3 months’ time in January I was promoted as a Shift Manager. I got a raise and I was able to show my skills.  I have to give Professor Naylor all the credit, He has taught me to be a prime time player and made me ready for the real world.  I would not have had the same opportunity if it wasn’t for him. My boss even asks me what school I go to because she was very impressed with my speaking skills. She was impressed with my words in my resume and impressed in how I came into the interview, I WAS DRESSED FOR SUCCUESS!
    Se101-61 has helped me with my public speaking. And it has also helped me with being on time for deadlines. Being a sophomore in college taking 5-6 classes a semester and focusing on having a high GPA was tuff. But I was able to perform my best to my ability have learned so much from coming to Briarcliffe and also from having some great professors. I am not as lazy as I used to be when it came down to my school work. . SE101-61 with professor Naylor and having him for HU105 has helped me to achieve my associate’s degree in applied science in criminal justice. I owe professor Naylor a big thank you for pushing me my first semester and this semester to achieve better grades and focus on getting ready for the real world.
    Thank you Professor Naylor!!!
    Katelyn S.
  • Professor:
    I recently went on a job interview to become a counselor at a baseball camp in Nassau County. The training I recieved in HU-105 and SE-101 played a major factor in my success. The training I recieved helped me with how I handled and approached questions. More importantly, it changed my whole approach when walking into an interview. There was a sense of confidence that never used to be there before. They gave me the job right away due to my professionalism. This camp starts in July and I am making a great amount of money. Your training is one of a kind because your not afraid to tell people how it is and more importantly the truth. Thank you for all of your help Professor.
    Danny F.
  • As an extremely shy person, going to an interview was nearly as horrifying as going to the dentist. Looking back at my almost rude behavior towards potential employers, I couldn’t believe how much I was sabotaging myself with my attitude. After having both HU-105 and SE-101 I have watched myself transform before my very eyes. Being in your class has truly lessened my of being on interviews and by applying myself in your class I have accepted a few jobs,(One of them being New York and Company.) and turned down several more offers by taking the interview challenge and following key points discussed in class. Professor Naylor, you truly train for the real world. Each lesson, from the YouTube clips to the more recent running for office challenge, you prove that without test there is no testimony and being a Primetime Player is always within your grasp if you just make it happen.

    Leshea V.
  • Dear Professor Naylor,
        At Monday class for HU 105 D3 about resumes. Well, I did get a job from the new and improved resume. I did discuss this on Monday but you asked to email you the story.
        Once before I tried applying to this place called American Dog Club in the Smith Haven Mall. I used my old long two page resume and the owner was not having it; I was very upset. When I redid the resume at your class, I thought to my self how does this matter? I thought people like the long resumes and the fancy looks. Well I was wrong; big time. I redid it the way you thought of and so I returned back to the store for one more time. The store manager and owner looked at the new and improved resume and said “can you start Friday at 10?” I agreed and with out any questions from them or me, I am hired.
        Now on Friday, they want me to show them my skills so I believe this is not final for the position but I will let you know if it is. Thank you for your hard work in helping me make the great resume to get the job or at least the interview.
    Michelle M.
  • First and Foremost, i want to tell you how grateful I was to have you as a Professor this Semester.  In ONE Semester, you did what most of my previous teachers/professors couldnt do in a year for me.  Not only did I receive much needed information from you, but also you helped me achieve my goal and get a great job.  The knowledge you gave me this semester, i will carry on and remember for the rest of my life and I mean that.  From perfecting the making of a resume, to acing my interview and being able to talk to just about anyone with confidence and better verbal skills.  I enjoyed attending your class and looked forward to coming to it all week.  You can ask my parents, brother and even co-workers at my job; I talked very highly of you, and the interesting stories you had and vital information you gave me.  I am looking forward to seeing you next Semester and having you as my professor again in HU-105.  Take care, thanks again for the GREAT semester.  Hope you and your family have a great holiday.

    Steven M.

Educator of the Year

David Naylor created Get Ready Productions to train and prepare individuals for the real world. Mr. Naylor is the author of the book Systems for Success, which instructs the reader how to work smart, manage time, improve organization skills, and compete in today’s job market.

Mr. Naylor served as an Assistant Professor, at a college on Long Island and is currently an Adjunct Instructor for a community college. He teaches technology and communication courses. David specializes in faculty development, career counseling, and presentation skills. He has earned a Master of Arts, in Communication Arts degree.

Some of his achievements include passing tests to become a Microsoft Certified Professional, Novell Certified Administrator, and A+ certified. In addition, David is a webmaster who created his first website in 1997.

David is the recipient of numerous awards; Educator of the Year, Outstanding Young American, International Who’s Who (nominated), Crystal Apple Award, Merit Achievement, Salesman of the Year (nominated), and Soldier of the Month.

Mr. Naylor is a motivational speaker, presentation specialist, keynote speaker, faculty development coach, technology trainer, resume designer, interviewing consultant, time management specialist, and audio/video producer.

He worked as a radio and television news reporter. David produced and announced for a radio show at the world famous Apollo Theater, in Harlem, New York in front of a live audience. In addition, he hosted a public affairs radio show.

Since 1998 David has trained and helped prepare thousands of individuals to compete for gainful employment. The techniques he teaches has help employees increase productivity and profit in a corporate environment. Many students that have taken his classes have shared their experiences in the testimonials you will see on this page.